Deciphering the EPO Dashboard

A Deep Dive into Unitary Patent Applications and Emerging Technology Trends

The European Patent Office (EPO) recently unveiled a cutting-edge real-time dashboard focused on unitary patents, providing insightful data on the requests for these patents ( This initiative aims to offer a comprehensive view of the unitary patent landscape, highlighting trending technology sectors and leading applicants.

Germany Leads the Charge in Unitary Patent Applications

An interesting highlight from the dashboard is the strong German leadership in the unitary patent space. German entities clearly recognize the benefits of broadening their patent safeguards in the European arena. Such data emphasizes Germany's strategic positioning in the European patent ecosystem.

The dashboard also segments these patents by industry sectors. American submissions mainly align with the 'Health' and 'Materials & Production' sectors. On the other hand, German innovations largely fall within 'Infrastructure & Mechanics', reflecting Germany’s robust industrial heritage.

Besides unitary patents, the dashboard is a treasure trove of data regarding the overall European patent application trends. Surprisingly, while there’s an increasing trend for Europe as a whole, the USA, and China, Germany presents a contrasting story. The country has seen a plateau in European patent applications for almost a decade, and even a decline since 2019. This trend is corroborated by similar statistics from the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA).


Decoding Patent Application Patterns

These observations open up room for various interpretations. One perspective might suggest that German entities are becoming more selective, concentrating their financial resources on top-tier intellectual property. They may concentrate more and more on valuable IP rights and no longer apply for a European patent for everything that is only semi-qualified.

Alternatively, this could be interpreted as a warning sign indicating a potential slackening in Germany’s innovative momentum. The data may suggest that Germany is maximizing the protections for the limited number of innovations they produce, as opposed to churning out new ideas. The declining rate of patent applications could thus be viewed as a barometer for innovation or, more pessimistically, as a sign that the innovation engine is sputtering in Germany. This is particularly concerning since the trend is confirmed by other indicators, such as a decrease in R&D investments or the output of scientific publications.

The Future of Patent Trends in Europe

As the dashboard evolves with fresh data, it stands as a continuous benchmark for tracking European patent application trajectories and tech sector evolutions. The real question is whether Germany’s present approach signifies a careful concentration or a potential innovation decline. Undoubtedly, this instrument is pivotal for stakeholders, patent lawyers, decision-makers, and experts eager to navigate Europe's fluid patent terrain.

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Author: Dr. Michael Schmid