Trademark Rights and Design Law

Trademark Rights and Design Law

Secure the recognition value of your products.

Trademark Rights

Trademarks are your assets

If a product such as a good or a service has a unique image, special characteristics and a particular quality promise, which sets it apart from similar products from other suppliers, it is referred to as a "brand". For example, this could be a name, a slogan, a melody, a picture or even the geometric shape of the object itself.

Your trademark rights

Your trademark rights

We are specialized in obtaining and enforcing trademark rights for our clients. As a rule, our activities begin with the development of a brand. We advise you and assess and verify the registrability of a trademark and the use of the trademark in relation to possible collisions with earlier trademark rights - whether national, European or international. We formulate the list of goods and services for you and ensure that your products are fully protected by your brand.

On request, we will gladly determine, within the context of a similarity search, whether similar older trade marks are already registered, which could justify a collision.

Monitoring and enforcement of trade marks

Furthermore, we protect your trademark rights against competitors or third-party attacks. Our register monitoring enables to determine at an early stage the registration of similar brands by competitiors and to take action against these applications in case of collision. If desired, we will be happy to take over the complete management and monitoring of your brand portfolio.

Services Trademark Law

  • Similarity searches
  • Preparation and submission of trademark applications
  • Monitoring and enforcement of trade marks
  • Trademark monitoring

Design Law

The first impression counts

For many buyers the design of a product has become a deciding factor. Examples here are the everyday products of consumer electronics such as TV sets and mobile phones. Therefore, it is important to protect the external design of your products.

We carry out this task with a design application for you - nationally, Europe-wide or internationally. By doing so, the two- or three-dimensional appearance of your products or parts thereof is effectively protected against imitation by third parties, whereby the term of protection of a design is up to 25 years.

Advantages of Design Law

  • National and international registration of designs
  • Enforcement of design rights